How to Get the Best Sunset photo at Uluru

It’s no secret that Uluru is home to some of the best Sunrises and Sunsets in the world. Today we’re going to give you a couple of tips on how to get the best sunset photo at Uluru.



Be ready for your sunset photo at Uluru

There are so many amazing places to see and explore at Uluru, however the distances out here are a little bit bigger than you might first expect, so make sure you plan to arrive at your sunset location with enough time to get set up and watch the colours change.

We suggest being ready to enjoy the sunset and snap that magical sunset photo of Uluru at least 30 minutes before the actual sunset time. For example, if sunset is at 7:00pm, make sure you are set up and ready to start taking photos and watching the colours begin to change at 6:30pm. Be mindful to factor in travel time to your sunset location as well!


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Choosing the Best Sunset Photo Location at Uluru

There are a myriad of different places where you can watch the sunset on Uluru, however you need to make sure the one you are going to will get what you want. For example some places are better for capturing the colour change, whilst others are better for capturing silhouettes or clouds. Here are a few of our favourite spots to watch the sunset at Uluru.

Car Sunset Viewing Area

Uluru’s car sunset viewing area is as the name suggests, a very popular spot to watch the sunset. This viewing area is great as it gives you that picture perfect postcard view of Uluru and provides full view of Uluru’s western face allowing you to watch the colours change and glow as the sun dips below the horizon.

Sunrise Viewing Area

The sunrise viewing area at Uluru might seem like a strange suggestion for a sunset photo, however it’s an amazing location. Usually at sunset it’s pretty empty, as everyone else has gone to the sunset viewing area. You’ll get to see the sun dipping below the horizon and if it’s a night with clouds, you might be lucky to get photos of the clouds glowing pink and red across the desert landscape. From this location, Uluru won’t be glowing red, however will be darkening into a silhouette. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park’s website has maps with directions to get to sunrise viewing area.


Uluru becoming a silhouette with a pink sky

Uluru’s Mala Walk

Another great place to go for the best sunset photo of Uluru is the Mala Walk. Uluru’s cliffs and sheer faces along this walk face westerly so glow a vibrant red. Like the sunrise area, this area is usually pretty deserted at sunset, so can be a great private spot to sit quietly and capture that perfect sunset photo at Uluru. Whilst on the Mala walk an Uluru Audio Guide can be a great way to learn more about the caves and rock art found in this area.


Up close to Uluru the sheer cliffs glow bright red in the evening light.


Pack your gear for sunset success

Before you head off to sunset, make sure you have everything you need. If you need different camera lenses or want to bring a tripod, be sure to pack these. Also make sure everything is charged so you don’t miss that special sunset moment. Finally, if you’re planning to not only photograph the sunset but to experience it fully, be sure to pack a perfect platter of sunset nibbles to enjoy!