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Uluru Audio Guide has over 100 stories covering Uluru’s Aboriginal culture, history, geology and everything in between.

The audio guide is available as both a downloadable app or a physical device that can be hired from our reservations desk.

The audio guide is is designed to allow your own Self-Guided Touring around Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You can download the app or hire devices for 1 day or several.

Can’t decide which option to choose? How long to stay at Uluru? Don’t worry our amazing guides have prepared some itineraries to help you work out what to see and how to get the most out of your time at Uluru.

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Self Guided Uluru experiences

Uluru Audio Guide is like having a tour guide in your pocket and is the perfect way to learn about Uluru


Can’t decide which option to choose? How long to stay at Uluru? Don’t worry our amazing guides have prepared some itineraries to help you work out what to see and how to get the most out of your time at Uluru.

Feel free to follow these, or pick and choose, you’ve got the freedom to do exactly what you want to do!

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Sample Experiences

Uluru Audio Guide 1

Download the app from the app store or pop on into our office and pick up your device. Let our friendly team show you how it works because it’s simple to use you’ll be set up in no time. Next, lets head toward Kata Tjuta because it’s time to explore. Let your audio guide lead you through the awe inspiring Walpa Gorge, or do you feel like a challenge? Try your hand at the 7.6km Valley of the Winds Walk.

Afternoon Adventures

Drive out to the big red rock and all the way around it. Your audio guide will give you interesting insights and help guide you to either the Kuniya or Mala walk where you can stretch your legs and go exploring. Don’t forget us because we’ll tell you some more interesting tip-bits about this special place whilst you walk!

Img 2808 Edit

Remember the sunset strip we pointed out earlier? Head back there to watch the colours change on Uluru and get that perfect photo to make everyone jealous!

Pro Tip: Pack a sunset picnic of dips, cheese and maybe even a glass of bubbles!

Day 1
Uluru from a distance as the sunsets and the rock glows.

Pop on by our office to pick up your device. Once you are set up a visit to the Cultural Centre seems like a good idea as, whilst there you can learn about the National Park and even grab a souvenir.

After exploring the cultural centre head on over and check out the Kuniya Walk. Whilst here don’t forget to bring us because we’ll tell you all about the ancient Aboriginal rock art and the incredible semi permanent water source – Mutitjulu waterhole.

Lets finish up the afternoon with Sunset.

Day 2
Uluru Audio Tour (12)

Today’s the day we are going to explore the full base of Uluru. We can do this however you want to do it, should we get up for sunrise? Will we drive around it? Or should we walk? The choice is yours.

Pro Tip: If you are driving make sure you stop in and do the Mala Walk; we’ve got lots to tell you about the caves you’ll find as you do this walk. If walking is more your pace, lets start early, especially in summer.

Day 3
Img 8860 Edit

Start the day right and wake up to sunrise at Kata Tjuta’s sand dune viewing area. Don’t worry; just turn off toward Kata Tjuta and Uluru Audio Guide will help you with the directions. On the way we’ll tell you all about the plants and animals that call our arid landscape home.

After the sun comes up, lets go and explore at Kata Tjuta. You’ve got plenty of time, and we’ve got so much to tell you, why not bring a picnic and do both Valley of the Winds Walk and Walpa Gorge?

Pro Tip: Do Valley of the Winds first, then when you finish Walpa Gorge will be a bit less hot and doesn’t have close at 11am in the summer months.

Whilst our clever guides have put together some possible itineraries for what you can do with Uluru Audio Guide, you are free to do whatever you please.

You could walk, cycle, or drive and experience Uluru at your own pace, in your own style.

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