Why You Should Visit Uluru this Summer

Summer is not typical peak season in the Red Centre, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider planning a trip to Uluru over this period. It is a little known fact, however if you are wondering what the best time to visit Uluru is, consider planning a trip this summer!

Are you planning to get out of the city this summer? Perhaps a Red Centre getaway is just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few of our favourite reasons to visit Uluru this summer;


  1. Uluru Wildlife

Unless you are an avid wildlife enthusiast you may not have seen some of Uluru’s coolest and most unique wildlife. Have you heard of a Perentie? These amazing monitor lizards are some of the largest found on Earth! They can grow up to 2.5 metres in length! These amazing reptilian monsters are even known to eat some of Australia’s most venomous snakes! Visiting Uluru over the summer gives you the best chances of coming face to face with a Perentie and other fascinating red centre reptiles.


A massive Perentie lizard eats a brown snakeeat
This Perentie found a snake to snack on.


  1. Uluru Sunrise in Summer is Incredible

Summer is the best month to see sunrise at Uluru! Over the summer months the sun is in the best position to create an amazing glow on Uluru from the viewing area within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Making summer the best time to visit Uluru to see an Uluru sunrise.


If you’re lucky you may even be treated to wispy, fluffy clouds floating above Uluru they’ll even create a gentle pink glow and further add to your morning ambience. If you’re only visiting Uluru once and want to bask in the magic of sunrise and this magnificent monolith, then don’t delay visit the Red Centre today!


A beautiful sunrise with Uluru glowing red.


  1. Less Crowds

Summer being a typical low season for the Red Centre means you’ll be much more likely to get last minute tours and accommodation. Also watching sunset with a few less people around can feel pretty great too!


  1. More time for Uluru Adventures

We are lucky to be graced with long days in summer. Our earliest sunrise is 5:45am and our latest sunset is as late as 7:40pm. This gives more daylight hours to explore Uluru. This means more time for activities like; learning about Kata Tjuta as you walk through spectacular Walpa Gorge; scenic helicopter flights around the rock; Segway tours around Uluru; scenic red centre drives; or naps and lazing by the pool at Sails in the Desert.


Segways zip along the base walk of Uluru


  1. Raining on the rock

Uluru is located in a semi arid area, despite this summer is our wettest time of year. If you dream of waterfalls at Uluru then try your luck, cross your fingers, do a rain dance and visit us this January!


waterfalls cascade down off Uluru


No matter what you’re reason for wanting to visit Uluru, there is  a reason to add this magic monolith to your travel plans this summer.